Empowering Metis entrepreneurs

On October 12 & 13, 2022, MFCBC hosted 18 Métis Women at the First Métis Women Entrepreneur Conference in Vancouver, BC

The conference was an opportunity to bring together strong, like-minded women to share their experience as entrepreneurs and learn new techniques to build their businesses.

The women who participated were very grateful to share time and space with other women entrepreneurs. Many of the businesses received COVID-19 loan and grant support through MFCBC and were happy to share how the funds helped them keep their business operating through the pandemic. Many of the Métis women at the conference also received loans from MFCBC through the traditional loan program. They expressed their appreciation to the staff for guiding them through the process and providing support along the way.

We wish to thank those who participated and look forward to continuing to provide support to our Métis Women Entrepreneur’s and future events.

Métis Financial Corporation of BC

The Métis Financial Corporation of BC (“MFCBC”) is a British Columbia Métis owned lending institution created to finance the start-up, acquisition and/or expansion of viable Métis owned and operated small businesses based in British Columbia. We can help you expand your current business or help start a fresh, new business. Métis Financial Corporation of BC helps qualified applicants in a number of ways, including preferred financing options and business planning.

What We Can Offer

MFCBC helps Métis entrepreneurs who plan to start a new business or, if you need funds to expand on your existing business or even if you are hoping to acquire an already existing business.

What Can Apply

Métis Financial Corporation of BC is here to help all majority métis owned, or start up businesses. Please visit this page to understand the basics to get your financing moving forward.

Our Mission

MFCBC’s mission is to provide trusted financial services for Métis entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

MFCBC’s vision is to be Métis entrepreneur’s financer of choice and to position Métis entrepreneurs and businesses to be able to fully participate in new and future economic opportunities.